Christmas Constitutional Law Quiz

Want some interesting tidbits for the upcoming holiday and Christmas parties?

Try this quiz from Bob Brown, head of Gallagher & Kennedy’s Church & Ministry practice group.  You may be surprised at some of the answers!

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Merry Christmas!

Balancing Risk: What to Know When Joining a Nonprofit Board

Bob Brown provides comments to regarding what to know when joining a nonprofit board.

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Bob Brown’s Christmas Constitutional Law Quiz

Want some interesting tidbits for the upcoming holiday and Christmas parties? Try this quiz—you may be surprised at some of these answers.

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Remember the Takeaways?

At the Best Practices Bylaws Seminar, we discussed this very important topic:

  • A statement of religious belief regarding marriage and human sexuality
  • A sample statement can be found at Alliance Defending Freedom

Listen to a podcast of the seminar.

Call me at (602) 740-1032 with questions or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

The How, What and Why of Boilerplate Provisions in Your Contracts

If you have ever signed a formal legal document, like a mortgage, an employment contract, or a lease, then you’ve surely wondered: Why all the words? Why is this so long? So much boilerplate!”

For the short and long answers behind this, see the Bob Brown and Tyler Carrell article from The Church Network, Insight Spring 2016.  Reach Bob at (602) 740-1032 or

Seminar Handouts

February 2016 Seminar Handouts

Legal Update

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Nativity Acceptability

Nativity Acceptability 

Christmas is around the corner… but beware!  Your city or town may have to think twice before putting up its Nativity or other religious scene this year.  In Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee v. City of Santa Monica, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the City may constitutionally prohibit all unattended displays in Santa Monica’s renowned Palisades Park — most notably a long-standing Nativity scene.

For further detail, read Bob Brown’s feature in the Arizona Attorney Column of the Record Reporter.  Reach Bob at (602) 740-1032 or

Legal & Social Trends Impacting Ministries

PowerPoint handouts from the November 10, 2015 presentation by Robert Erven Brown (Part 1 and 3) and Donald Peder Johnsen (Part (2).

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Part 3

Quadriplegic Missionary Gets $26M Settlement in Montana Crash

21 year old Jeremy Vangsnes was paralyzed and brain damaged in a car crash in Montana while riding with a volunteer driver on a mission trip.  Now, insurers for the Southern Baptist Convention must pay the policy limits of $26 million to the missionary since the judge ruled that the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention Inc. was liable for the injuries.

Read the full article in the Insurance Journal.

Does your church or ministry carry $26 million in liability insurance?  If not, would now be a good time to consider our Campus Preservation Planning© process to protect critical ministry resources against claims not covered by insurance?

To help you more clearly understand your current risk profile, download our Legal Risk Evaluation Tool.

Church Ministry Network Meeting

Mark your calendars! 

If abuse allegations surface in your ministry, do you reportterminate, or just forget about it?

Bob Brown arranged for Gallagher & Kennedy white collar criminal defense attorney Woody Thompson and employment law attorney Jodi Bohr to discuss Mandatory Abuse Reporting in Arizona at the upcoming Church Ministry Network Meeting. Matt Mason will also provide practical tips for interpreting the priest-penitent privilege.

Thursday, September 17th
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church

RSVP here via e-mail by 12:00 p.m. Tuesday, September 15th.
First-time guests welcome!

For more information, view the complete program and registration details. Specific questions or issues that you would like to have addressed? Please submit requests prior to the meeting to Bob at or (602) 740-1032.